Next Steps for Accepted International Students:

Step 1)
Working with one of the Aquinas High School counselors, accepted international students will select courses for the coming school year. Counselors will review completed courses from the student’s home country and help the student meet Aquinas High School graduation requirements while selecting courses that focus on long-range individual goals.

Step 2)
Students are encouraged to attend a small informal orientation day just for international students several days before the start of the school year. Some of the topics discussed will include:

Uniform/dress code at Aquinas High School
  • The daily school schedule
  • Cafeteria and lunch
  • Clubs and extracurricular opportunities
  • Receive a tour of the building
  • Your questions are encouraged and will be addressed in a small or individualized atmosphere.
Step 3)

There are a variety of opportunities for Aquinas High School students to participate in clubs, sports, and service possibilities. Check the Aquinas High School Website for daily announcements and the monthly newsletter to keep up to date with instruction on how to get involved.

The newsletter and announcements can be read in their entirety on the Aquinas High School website http://www.aquinascatholicschoolshs.new.rschooltoday.com. The website is a great way to stay informed of important messages.