Our Mission
The mission of the Aquinas Catholic Schools Foundation, an independent tax-exempt organization, is to promote and ensure that high quality Catholic education is made affordable and accessible to all in the La Crosse Diocese through the Aquinas Catholic Schools. 
The Aquinas mission is accomplished by ensuring that donors’ funds are utilized according to their wishes, investing entrusted donations in a prudent and effective manner to maximize their benefit, and, through active fund raising, maintain the affordability of education costs within the means of all families who desire a Catholic education.

In 1975, Aquinas Schools reached a critical point of financial viability. To address the needs of the schools, the Aquinas Foundation was developed with the help of community leaders and businesses. The Foundation launched the first capital campaign to raise the needed funds to ensure the schools’ future. Today, the Aquinas Catholic Schools Foundation manages more than $10 million in assets, with the earnings benefiting the students of Aquinas Catholic Schools and all schools in the Aquinas Catholic Schools System.  

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